Are you ready to go hunting? Enter the dungeon and start a bloody war. Slash and beat up terrifying monsters in the darkest parts of the dungeon. There are thousands of obstacles to overcome such as spears, turning wheels, fire and moving walls. Here the dungeons are generated on a random basis and every trip to the dungeon will be different from the last one. Tha laws of physics are not on your side and there may be situations where you will be walking upside down. Be aware and pay attention as sinister hordes of terrifying monsters are waiting for you in the dungeons. On your way you will encounter various diffiulties and you will have to skillfully and quickly make decisions, jump or fight.

Your quest is to clear the undergrounds from all of these monsters. This may come as a challenging task in this 100% free action RPG game. Every entry into the dungeons life threatening. Collect coins as you go along and try to piece all the characters together. Each of these courageous knights is here to help you. Choose the best one for yourself and go down to the dungeons.

The game consists of four levels of undergrounds. Each of them gets more and more difficult and different creatures live in every level. The game has been designed in the cool climate of pixel-art and fans of arcade games will this game particularly interesting that is why we would like to invite you to download this action RPG game.