The player's task is to drive a car, safely overtake other vehicles and avoid road traffic obstacles. Collect money and thunder bonus in exchange, you will be able to drive faster and bigger vehicles. Have you ever dreamt of driving a  Bulldozer or operating a Racer? Everything is possible in our game!

Your task is to drive a vehicle, steer clear of various obstacles on the road and reach safely the end of the game. You can collect points to unlock other cars or motorbikes. Become a Formula One driver, race on the track and smash other vehicles.

The artwork was inspired by Lego blocks and is designed to play on tablets and smartphones.

You will become a champion when you unlock all 20 cars – a secret will be waiting for you then.
Are you persistent enough to unlock all vehicles?
If yes, we have a bonus for you – if you're curious download our game and find out for yourself.
Be clever and cautious, evade incoming cars on a highway in the centre of a city; become a driver who must cope with difficult situations.

Every vehicle is different – find your favourite one.
If you like Lego cars, this game is a great choice.

Our game is intuitive and safe for kids. The music and beautiful, dynamic colours will give children a chance to entertain themselves and have a lot of fun.
We invite all parents to play together with their children, as there is nothing more valuable in family relationships than time spent together with kids.