Train&Ship is an educational adventure game for children over the age of 4. The game is set both on the ground and in the water.

The purpose of the game is to deliver safely all crates with valuable cargo, which must travel a long way to finally reach Europe.

Great graphics and interesting tasks will enable the user to have lots of fun when playing the game, while music will make the experience even more pleasant.

Your kids will take part in a fantastic adventure as they will find themselves both in a big city with impressive skyscrapers as well as on the high seas.

Initially, the child is a driver of a freight train who has to complete many tasks on the way such as washing the train or loading crates using a crane.

During the game, you can control the speed of both the ship and the train.

Using a panel with up-down and left-right arrows, your kid will not only steer the crane but will also develop his or her manual skills.

The child then becomes the captain of a cargo ship, who must carefully steer the great vessel on the vast and deep sea in order not to hit a dangerous dam. When steering the ship, the child also needs to watch out for the loaded crates.

Our game is intuitive and safe for kids. The music and beautiful, dynamic colours will give children a chance to entertain themselves and have a lot of fun.
We invite all parents to play together with their children, as there is nothing more valuable in family relationships than time spent together with kids.